Lara Wilson

Live Performance & Installation

Look Up


{ DIYdancer } Magazine

2012 – 2021

Joined the dance criticism blog as a contributing writer after departing New York in 2012 to write about (and see) as much dance as humanly possible. The initial intention of honing my choreographic eye was undoubtedly self-interested. Yet, this project became a merging of dance, design, and writing through the production of a print journal — the work of many hands.

Issue 03 | SEEN unSEEN


Layout and design for conversations, first person stories, photo essays, poetry, critical essays, portraits, and miscellaneous notes from the choreographic process. The theme revolved around a set of questions around visibility in the concert dance world.

Issue 02 | How To


Issue 02 was filled with first person stories of how dancers, dance makers, photographers, poets, architects and film makers are doing what they do.

Issue 01 | Collaboration + Time


Issue 01 featured Pontus Lidberg in a photo essay by Jim Lafferty, Marquet K. Lee and his dance film days together, a round table with members of Satellite Collective, a writing lesson from Deborah Jowitt, Lauri Stallings and a robot named Shimon, plus illustrations, a dance painting, and more reviews and conversations.



Logo and digital assets for DIYdancer’s podcast, in which we get inside a choreographer’s head and discover the stories and emotions behind a particular work. Also art directed other assets within the identity.