Lara Wilson

Live Performance & Installation

Look Up


ET Projects

Since 2017, consulted with visual artist and MacArthur Genius Grant winner, Elizabeth Turk.

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Oak Spring Garden Foundation, Upperville, VA

Ridgeline invited community members to learn about local environmental challenges, through uniting in an art-centered experience.

A movement solo choreographed on Demetia Hopkins explored acknowledging roots as foundation for growth and shedding dependencies that inhibit it, carving one’s own path in the face of obstacles, exemplifying for the community the strength and courage that this requires, and the beauty it creates.

Look Up

Mt. San Antonio Gardens, Pomona, CA

The New York Times: Elders and an Artist Bring a Social Sculpture to Life

“Elizabeth Turk imagined illuminated umbrellas spreading hope during the pandemic. A retirement community said yes, and became her canvas.”

Christopher Stobie / The New York Times

Tipping Point

Catalina Island Museum, Avalon, CA

Shoreline Project

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

Los Angeles Times: 1,000 umbrellas light up Laguna’s main Beach for artist’s ‘Shoreline Project’

Complete with choreographed performance, movement tasks, and glowing umbrellas, this migration is a sight from soaring eyes.

Laguna Art Museum Art & Nature, commissioned artist Elizabeth Turk, lead choreographer Lara Wilson