Lara Wilson

Live Performance & Installation

Look Up


All Movement

2018 – 2021

Spun off boutique B2B consultancy All Movement with { DIYdancer Magazine } founding member, Candice Thompson, in 2018. Initial projects were with clients such as the zero gravity dancer Allegra Searle-LeBel and the AR/VR choreographer working at the center of Blackness and wellness, T. Lang.

Desert Bloom for Haoma


An exploration of pleasure within difficult spaces:

“Married creatives Lara Wilson and Michael Townsend used the flowering desert as a studio, collaborating with each other and the spring season. In this photo essay, Townsend captures mountains, creosote bushes, yucca plants, flowering hedgehog and cholla cacti, wildflowers, and infinite sky, which then are juxtaposed and co-mingled with Wilson’s highly articulate movement practice, exploring how barren times, or periods of rest, can yield spectacular blooms.”

Read in the HAOMA journal ︎︎︎

Doug Baum X Jobel Medina for M. Seam


Produced this collaboration between LA Dance Project artist Doug Baum (in front of the camera) and Ate9 artist Jobel Medina (behind the camera) shows just how active you can be in M.Seam apparel. Baum presents polished and flexible lines in response to technique-forward movement direction.

In Pursuit of Weightlessness


Choreographer/filmmaker Allegra Searle-LeBel and photographer Cole Rise embarked on a zero-gravity flight in preparation for EARTHRISER, a fine art dance film in early stages of creation. AM produced an editorial piece for print on a conversation the two had before flight, as well as creating a pitch deck for potential investors in film production.