Dance > Katherine Helen Fisher x Andrew Ondrejcak

Katherine Helen Fisher X Andrew Ondrejcak

The Muses

Presented by REDCAT’s Nowfest

Choreographed by Katherine Helen Fisher in collaboration with the dancers

Written and Directed by Andrew Ondrejcak

Music by Helado Negro

Featuring: Samantha Mohr,Jessica Gadzinski, Shauna Davis, Sebastian Hernandez, Cade Danieli,Kim Thompson, Tess Hewlett, Devika Wickremesinghe, Lara Wilson

Styling by Erica Sabatini

Associate Choreography Dance 3 (“Running”) by Nathan Kim

Produced by Safety Third Productions with Caroline M. Haydon

Light by Matthew Johns

Special thanks to Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Guesthaus Residency, LA Opera, and Edgar Miramontes

Photography by Mark Escribano

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