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Compound Y.V.

2018 – Present
Yucca Valley, CA

Together with partner and husband, Michael Townsend, and Programming Director, Caroline Partamian, owns and operates a multidisciplinary art and event space — both physical and virtual — in California’s Mojave Desert.

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Yucca Valley, CA

Curated an all-female show of multidisciplinary artists practicing in observable relation to scale, from the subtle and detailed to the building-sized. Contributions included paintings, drawings, sculpture which housed incense, a mural, sound installation, and improvised movement practice.
Artists: Allison KunathLindsey J. Porter, Emily Endo, Kristen Morabito, Tess Jenkins, Caroline Partamian, Megan Guise

Video, Companies, Live Performance
Companies, Installation
Design & Dance Installation, Live Performance, Companies, Design