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How to Draw an Outline

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2019 – Present
Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

During 2019’s “How to Draw an Outline” — an evening-length dance examining the concept of personal boundaries — Boundaries Practice emerged as a warmup for rehearsals, a workshop, a regular session on the Clubhouse app, and a newsletter. Also recapturing solo excerpts of “Outline” in natural landscapes in SCRAPE.

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Shot in the Kelso Dunes by filmmaker Blaine Suque for Medium Rare, performer Haihua Chiang delivers a moving portrayal of resilience and recovery in the face of disaster.

How to Draw an Outline

2019 – 2020

In a world where women’s bodies and lives have long been considered permeable and literally up for “grabs”, we used dance to find the edges of our ranges of motion and staminas — to draw outlines around ourselves and our lives.

Muckenthaler Cultural Center Artist-in-Residence

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